The priority of Unlimited Care is a commitment to its objectives. We will provide a team of experienced staff led by an experienced Manager.

Unlimited Care is committed to meeting the challenges of specialist care service provision and will be responsive to the needs of service users. We seek to achieve excellence through providing services that are continuously reviewed and monitored in maintaining and sustaining the same.

Ethos and Philosophy

At Unlimited Care we believe in providing the right environment for individual young mothers to feel special, while maintaining sufficient discipline to a well-defined boundary. It is the foundation of our belief that each person has earned the right to be given the chance to change.

Mentoring and Parental Skills

We are also sensitive that no change is possible without a motivating factor. This factor we believe to be a combination of unlimited commitment and dedication of professional staff with high level of integrity, strength and compassion for making it happen.

At Unlimited Care we have the experience, commitment and professional ability to motivate, encourage changes and translate our policies in provision to enlighten the rights and responsibilities of Young Mothers into the very best professional practice. The set commitment is carried out via a 24/7 system.


Unlimited Care has strong belief in Education and its provision within the Residential Care environment assisting in Career Development.

This is the pinnacle of our policy and upon such we have established a strong links with the Education Authorities within our County Council.

Independent day-to-day living

While our policy and philosophy is set out in a manner to fully incorporate and comply with the Children Act 1989, we aim to create an atmosphere, which promotes a normal day-to-day family life encompassing normal bonding as well as parental responsibilities.

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