Mother&Baby Accomodation

There are:

  • Two lounges (one Quiet Lounge and one Entertainment Lounge with music and TV facilities).
  • Dining Room with Dining Facilities of 10-12 sittings.
  • Large fully fitted Kitchen with all necessary equipment including dishwasher.
  • Large Laundry with two washing machines and a dryer, fitted sink and shelving.
  • Computer suite, where there are three desktop computers, two printers and three desks and all other relevant furniture. This room will be used for both training and private use of computers.
  • Three Bathrooms, One specifically designed for the use by individuals suffering from some level of impairment.
  • Meeting Room used for a number of activities including, Counselling, visitors meeting and conferences.
  • Two (single) bedrooms to be used for single mothers going through pregnancy.
  • Five (family) bedrooms to be used for mothers with their babies. Where necessary, if there is a pregnant mother with a young child, then these rooms can accommodate an extra childbed.

All Bedrooms are furnished withsideboard cabinet, Wardrobes, storage units, tea and coffee making facilities, toaster, microwave, mini fridge and hand washbasin.

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