Mother & Baby Unit

Unlimited Care Limited is provider of facility in Support, Mentoring, Personal Growth and Development in Young Mothers' lives.

Our priority is non-negotiable commitment to our objectives. We provide a team of experienced individuals who are effective at working with such specific circumstances in providing and being the vehicle of THE turning in the lives. We are committed in meeting the challenges of specialist care service provision and is responsive to the needs of service users and commissioners. We seek to achieve excellence through providing services that are continuously reviewed and monitored in maintaining and sustaining the same.

Through vast expertise and professional orientation, we are able to stabilise the immediate environment as well as provision of planning future covering both life and career. This may or may not involve previously unchallenged circumstances. The above strategy will be strengthen with Provision of Personal Support, right environment and high expectation with optimistic views.

While our policy and philosophy is set out in a manner to fully incorporate and comply with the Children's Act 2000, we aim to create an atmosphere, which promotes a normal day-to-day family life encompassing normal bonding as well as parental responsibilities.

Who is the Unlimited Care Mother & Baby Unit?

Unlimited Care situated in Lancashire, is a provider of accommodation, Support and guidance to vulnerable young mothers and their children/babies.

Who Could Benefit from Services Offered by Unlimited Care
  • Young Mothers aged 12 and above
  • Young Ladies aged 12 and above going through pregnancy
  • Mothers and their babies
  • Mothers who require Residential Support in Developing Parental Skills, Home Craft, and Career Development.

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