Care Values

Every Individual has the Right to be left alone and free from intrusion into their personal life and or public attention into their affairs. Facilities for residents to make private telephone calls will always be available. Every Resident can make personal Phone calls to landlines in the UK for up to a maximum of an hour every day FREE of Charge.

The right of every individual to be recognised as unique regardless of circumstances, and to be treated with respect.

The right of every individual to act, think and carry out their affairs without reference to another as much as possible with no time restriction.

The right of every individual to select independently from a range of options, incorporating, choice of meal, bed times and taking part in activities/ entertainment.

The rights of every individual to the entitlements associated with citizenship. Rights of each individual is what they are born with, it is not given to one and cannot be taken away from one. It is there to be respected and honoured.

The right of every individual to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life.

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